Our Tai Chi system is increasingly popular with Mums and Dads as students learn the particular side of Tai Chi Chuan which emphasises effective self defence techniques in all differnt situation. The Tai Chi system is a huge confidence booster and many of our female student have said their tuition has came in handy in various situations. The system also concentrates on toning up and fitness work alongside stress relief techniques on kickshields and punch pads. Tai Chi is good for people with certain physical difficulties as its' movements are more relaxed than that of karate and kickboxing. Tai Chi also helps relax the body and mind and improves self control and self awareness. 

What to wear:

When you first begin Tai Chi Chuan, all that is required is loose clothing and bare feet.

When you wish to progress further, students are required to wear the traditional black Tai Chi Kung Fu uniform which can be purchased through your instructor

Who runs the classes

The classes are run by experienced instructors trained in Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu


All Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu classes run by the SAMA Organisation are PAY-AS-YOU-GO and Cost: £5.00

There is a yearly membership and licence/registration fee which are a standard requirement when taking part in a martial art

Please speak to the instructor about this has they will be able to provide you with all the relevant information.

Contact Details and whats happening in the area:

Sama Central

Contact Details all Classes

Karate 01903  386663

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Kickboxing 07840577080 or 07857899031

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Email: yondan10@gmail.com

Want to try the classes ?

Call us on 07840577080 or

01903 386663

or turn up to any of the lessons listed on our website :)



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