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Having lived and trained in London I then moved to Brighton around mid 1960.

It was there that I found a karate instructor called Sensei Joe Robinson who had the only full time karate & judo dojo situated in a large damp basement room in Rock Place, Kemp Town.

Sensei Robinson was 6ft 2ins tall with a very large muscular frame. He was a World 8th Dan judo champion, a weight lifter, and in his youth became known as the tiger after winning the European wrestling champion. He was also a black belt in karate at the time under Wado-Ryu master Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki and eventually later on achieving his 5th Dan.

Sensei Robinson was also an actor, starring in 37 films during the 50s 60s and 70s, with 5 of them being Italian epics, along-side stars such as Errol Flynn, Diana Dors and Anthony Quinn. He also starred in and choreographed many television programs, such as "the Avengers" and "the Saint". His roles were mainly strong man roles and his last film was no different as he played the assassin in the elevator fight scene with Sean Connery in the James Bond "Diamonds are Forever".
And away from the cameras he rubbed shoulders with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Kirk Douglas.

Sensei Robinson was renowned for having the fastest leg sweep in the World, and it has been stated that he had beat one of the Worlds top Japanese Judo masters with this technique.

He hit the headlines in 1998 when he fought off a gang of eight muggers single-handed. He was getting off a bus in Cape Town, South Africa when the gang struck with baseball bats and knives. 6 ft. 2 ins Joe poleaxed two with flying kicks, karate-chopped one hard in the chest and broke the arm of a fourth. The rest fled!

It was reported later in the media that he was "the most dangerous man in Britain"

After a few years of training at the Kemp Town dojo we moved to a larger one in Vine Street, Brighton. I trained under sensei Robinson for around 4 years, then in the early 1970s I decided to open my own karate dojo in Brighton.




Most of our black belts have done over 10 or 20 years of training and are still 1st and 2nd Dan's. Many may think this is wrong, but SAMA Organisation wants to keep the standards of our karate and our black belts high and it has shown us that these black belts have a strong commitment, perseverance and total loyalty as it was back in the old days when a 1st Dan black belt really meant something special. Nowadays many karate groups hand out 1st, 2nd & 3dan black belt grades like sweets but at least our black belts understand that they are truly worthy of their belts.


Assistant chief instructor Shihan David Jacobs 7th Dan is highly regarded under Hanshi as being one of the most powerful karate men around today, thus promoting a true image to all those who meet him of what a real karate black belt should look like and stand for.

A lesson for senior dan grades

The rank of senior dan grades such as a 4th Dan black belt would be awarded by many karate groups without a test.

Traditionally a 4th dan would be awarded to a 3rd Dan who has shown over a period of four years (which is the minimum time for this grade) respect and loyalty within their organisation or association.

However to the SAMA Organisation that's just part of the package.

Senior black belts of the SAMA Organisation understand that they are not going to receive their Dan grades doing a couple of hours of a test.

SAMA instructors are vetted continuously throughout their term right from their last grade.

For example, if an instructor has 3 years to his next grade, then 3 years is how long their test is.

The SAMA Organisation is built on older traditional training rather than the sport karate concept which has plagued the karate world. I can assure you, SAMA is certainly not a place for any weak so-called 'black belts' as we see in other karate groups. Although we require all our students to work hard, we also expect our senior instructors to dedicate themselves 100% to the hardships of ongoing training along with a complete commitment and loyalty to their seniors as well as to the SAMA Organisation. This is traditional martial art values at its best.

The Sama Organisation is the largest and most successful, professional Karate and Kickboxing group in the South of England, with over 10,000 members training weekly.


Strictly guided by two of Britains top professional teachers Hanshi A Gibson (Black Belt 8th Dan) and Shihan D Jacobs (Black Belt 7th Dan). Sama Organisation has the largest contingent of full time professional instructors than any other martial arts group.


Sama Organisation is fully insured with £5,000,000 public liability insurance.  Sama instructors have £2,000,000 professional indemnity, and all students are issued with personal insurance cover and all Sama Instructors are fully qualified in First Aid to Health and Safety Standard.


Our child protection policy has been officially endorsed by the Director of the N.S.P.C.C. via F.E.K.O International


Sama Organisation instructors are enhanced police checked, this is the highest level for working with children.


All Lessons are Pay as You Go (No Contracts, Direct Debts or Monthly payments in advance) Lessons cost £4.00 children under 16yrs , £5.00 Adults and over 16yrs per class




Please note that any photos of children that appear on this site are with the prior permission of the parents.

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